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Tommy Maestu visits Columbus

Famous musician and Columbus alumnus, Tommy Maestu, visited Columbus to speak to the band and other students interested in pursuing a musical career.

Archdiocese Closes Second Synod

Filmed by Rodrigo Fernandez CCNN was on hand to cover the ceremony marking the end of the Second General Synod for the Archdiocese of Miami, an event that hadn’t taken place in over two...

Teachers, students contrast on NSA analysis

While teachers and students mostly agree with their respective peers, when comparing the two groups many differences on what’s valued as important emerge.

Fins Up Miami?

The 3-0 start to the Dolphin’s season had many of us dreaming about 1972. But now, five weeks later, the Fins have a losing record (3-4) and are third in the AFC EAST: right...

Can it Be November 2nd Already?

If this weekend didn’t get you excited for November 2nd (when the Canes and Noles are set to play in their annual rivalry game) you’re lame and I hate you.  The game hasn’t had...