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Spring Jamboree

High School Football is back…… Well only momentarily. With the start of spring football beginning well over a month ago, every high school in the nation displayed what they called a “Spring Game.” meaning...

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A farewell to the class of 2017

By: Joey Vazquez The 2016-2017 school year at Christopher Columbus High School was anything but ordinary. With numerous events and many “firsts” for Columbus, the senior class goes out on a very memorable note....

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The Varsity Letterman: It’s Not Only For Sports The varsity letterman, it seems like everyone around here has one. The common belief tends to associate the jacket with the varsity athlete, but here at columbus that’s definitely not the case. We...

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200th Anniversary celebrated with pig roast

This past month, Columbus celebrated the 200th Anniversary of the Marist Brothers the Miami way, with a pig roast. A pig roast that will be remembered and which may be the start of something...

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FSPA Man on The Street

With the first day of the 2017 FSPA Convention underway, reporters Kenny Debbs and Brent Bercera go around getting the inside scoop of the controlled chaos. Assisted by: Christopher Vazquez

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FSPA Team Broadcast

At the 2017 FSPA Convention, CCNN Live’s team competed in Team Broadcast, a competition designed to challenge schools to create a complete show from the Wyndham Orlando Resort. CCNN Live won First Place for...

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Mary Beth Tinker Visits Christopher Columbus High School

“Who here knows all six parts of the first amendment?” Mary Beth Tinker asked the crowd at Christopher Columbus High School. They proceeded to list them together: “Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom...