Author: Danyel DeVilliers

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FSPA Man on The Street

With the first day of the 2017 FSPA Convention underway, reporters Kenny Debbs and Brent Bercera go around getting the inside scoop of the controlled chaos. Assisted by: Christopher Vazquez

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Organic Options

As our country may have a hard time dealing with higher prices for healthier foods, some businesses still find ways to make these healthy alternatives more accessible for their customers. This accessibility could even...

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Student excels across three platforms

Marcus Lemonis, Carlos Gimenez, Jose Mas, and many more. Christopher Columbus High School has produced a line of outstanding leaders through every generation that passes through its hallways. In between bells and struggling to...

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90 Miles, One Celebration

For 57 years, the Cuban people have been awaiting a day that many wish may have come sooner. As the pulsing sounds of pots and pans echoed through neighborhoods, it was certain that their...

Fulanito & So and So: Episode 3

In this episode of Fulanito & So and So, these partners in crime are back at freshmen field day, but their friendship takes an unexpected twist when the two fall in love with the...

Fulanito & So and So: Episode 2

In the second installment of Fulanito & So and So, these two interesting characters give us an inside look into their experience at one of the biggest high school parties of the year; BEACH...