Author: Andrew Amengor

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Is Music Dead?

Through my life so far, I’ve listened to almost every genre of music that you could ever possibly imagine and with each genre comes its own special feeling. One of the many reasons I...

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What Does Loyalty Mean to You?

In our lives, we affiliate ourselves to many different brands and kinds of people. People are willing do just to anything about these objects or people. Loyalty, according to Webster’s Dictionary– the quality or...

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Living in the Moment

  It’s not always about the destination; it’s the moments that lead up to your destination that make it worth your while. How many times can you say you missed an opportunity to do...

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Keeping the Resolutions

  Take a look at how Andrew Amengor suggests you make resolutions and stick to them–beyond January.

Beauty is in eye of beholder

Every year around the first weekend of December, people come down to Miami, Fl to check the “Arty Party” known as Art Basel. But a good question would to ask would be: “What is...

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Black Friday: Is it Worth It?

  It is the day after Thanksgiving, so you know what that means! Black Friday has returned once again! Everywhere, shoppers around the U.S. are looking out for deals on anything they can find....

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Is Halloween Dead?

  Halloween is the time of year where the dead come to life. Adults, teens and kids of all ages still enjoy this festive and scary day. For years and years people have celebrated...

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Drug testing: Keeping school clean

  For the students of Christopher Columbus, there are several important policies to adhere to. One of these is random drug testing. Columbus has policies that institute random drug tests to students. These drug...