Columbus’ Track and Field Team Wins State Title

For 34 years Columbus has trusted the fate of their track and field team to Coach Fernando Foyo, and for 34 years the team has fallen short of the ultimate goal of a State Championship title. This year was a different story, though, as the Columbus track and field team put forth their best foot forward, had their most talented group, and worked harder than ever to take home their first State title in school history. “I think this track championship is certainly a credit to coach Foyo and the program he has built and he continues to build.” stated Athletic Director Chris McKeon.

Columbus’ team has also trained like never before to get to this level. “We’ve been working hard in practice everyday. We have practice everyday, Monday through Friday. We carried each other and there was a lot of preparation.” commented Track and Field Member Gary Cooper. This team had a whole new mentality heading into the season of what they wanted to do. Despite having numerous football players on the team, they found a way to put a major amount of focus on the track season. Due to this they felt more prepared than ever to take on the state’s best competition.

Along with hard work, the track team also had one of its most talented teams in school history. The team was led by the winningest sprinter in Columbus history, Tyler Harrell. After four years of grueling hard work Tyler has finally been rewarded. “It feels good knowing that your on top. It’s been a long time throughout all the days where we’ve been working hard and sweating ” Tyler stated. For Tyler, he will be continuing his athletic career at The University of Louisville as a football player. And although this leaves a hole in the team, Gary Cooper is still confident in the team’s ability to perform next year, “Next year we have a good chance of winning states again because, right now, we don’t see any school that can stop us.” The team also believes with talented underclassmen, such as Xavier Henderson, that they will be able to fill the whole left with Harrell’s departure.


Contributions by Sebastian Valdes-Denis

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