Can Band Be Considered A Sport?

The question always comes up. What determines whether an activity is a sport or not?
Activities such as chess, ping pong, and ultimate frisbee face everyday criticism on their lack of
requirements to be a sport. But are there REALLY requirements to be a sport? A sport is really
what you make it. The dictionary defines a sport as “an athletic activity requiring skill or
physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.” According to that description, band
should technically be considered a sport. But to bring band into the question, the title as a
sport is really testing the limits. Amongst themselves, musicians take sides on whether or` not
they believe it is a sport, and after speaking with several musicians over a couple of days, sides
are split pretty evenly.

But the controversial part is, each side has it’s own right answers that can ruin the other side’s.
Like the average sport, band has levels of competition. High school Junior-Varsity and Varsity,
college level, and professional. These known sports are played in seasons, such as football in
fall and winter, while band is basically year round. The difficulty is equal to any competitive
sport. It is a physical activity as much as it is a mental one, but most people don’t even realize
it. For the first time ever at Columbus, members of the Band team were given lettermen for
their hard work, talent, and dedication that they have put in to create a better program for the
school. This year the band team competed in California, placing first out of several schools
from across the country.

To even compete as a band, several hours of practice and several hours of rehearsal are
required. Because if one person messes up, it affects the next guy and so on. It’s like in
basketball when there is an organized play that the team has worked on, but the team’s center
forgot to set a pick so the shooter is guarded heavily instead of being left unguarded for an
open shot. Everyone is expected to do their part so their teammate is not left stranded doing
more work than they’re supposed to. Band has every quality that the average sport does. They
both have an audience, they are competing, there are time consuming practices, and there is
physical and mental pain that flows through all of that. So is band REALLY a sport?

With contributions by: Sean Dawson, Brent Becerra

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