Late Start for Walkathon


Like they say, “better late than never” Walkathon is a traditional fundraiser by the students, for the students. But this years Walkathon has a different atmosphere due to the fact that Hurricane Irma visited us. The fire dims a little bite, the freshman aren’t has hyped, the seniors dont want to participate. But the show must go on, Walkathon still somehow generates food, games, and excitement. Teachers and guidence counselors are more in completion with raising the money than we are. So far the teachers are calling each other out. “I know for a fact Stiano isn’t going to put up any numbers compared to me” said Mr. Rodriguez. But Coach Stiano has some words to trade back, “He’s all talk, by the end of the day we will see who puts up the money and has a better time doing it. Also my L.O.C list is getting larger by the day. L.O.C stands for lack of competition. Which is: Mr. Rodriguez the father, there’s a rookie teacher that I dont have to worry about, and Mr. Isenburg is nothing to worry about.” Teachers also have opinions on how Walkathon will not be same. Mrs. Rodriguez feels that since the seniors aren’t giving the enthusiasm, neither will the freshman. Other teachers feel the same way. In addition to contributing, Mrs. Martinez has hope that we will raise $135,000 dollars on time. Some dont think so, freshman Victory Sanchez says that there’s no way we could raise the money if we all dont contribute.

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