Spring Break Vibes

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you first hear those two words “SPRING BREAK”? Usually people think about going to the beach, loud music, and parties. Most of theses things are true, but some people also forget to follow the rules when it comes to disrupting the peace. You’re allowed to have fun, but in a controlled environment and way. You should always have fun, but be sure to follow the rules and party away.
Spring break is all fun and games until someone gets sent to the slammer. According to the police, there are on average 20+ arrest a day during spring break. Some of those arrest could be for under aged drinking, fights, etc. When you’re out there, you wanna be aware of your surroundings and always make sure you’re safe. You don’t want to be the ones being thrown in the slammer. Spring break is a time to have fun and not worry about others getting in trouble, but others would have to disagree.
If you’re looking for a great family vacation this year, you should plan on going to the following places: Disney, Caribbean, California, or Hawaii. It is said that most people like to go to California for Spring Break because of the beautiful weather, mountain hikes, and walking the beautiful Rodeo Drive. California is well-known for its huge “Hollywood” sign and beautiful scenery. Going to California is definitely something to consider when going on a family vacation this spring break. Another beautiful place to visit with the family is Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its breathtaking views and volcanos. According to tourist visiting, you should really take the volcano tours and go swimming with the dolphins.
The one thing people forget about Spring break is the fact that Easter Sunday is also in effect. Easter Sunday is a time to spend with your family and go to mass. You need a balance when it comes to praying and partying. Once you’re finished going to church and praying, you could go back to your family and have fun with the family parties. Easter Sunday is definitely a big thing about spring break.
Spring break this year cannot be complete without your bathing suits, family members, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Be sure to check out some deals and see if your family is willing to go to Hawaii this year.

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