Students, Faculty and Alumni Come Together to “Rock Sarcoma Out!”

Sarcoma is a rare and deadly cancer that attacks bones and soft  tissues. According to, between 1500 and 1700 children in the US are diagnosed with a bone or soft tissue sarcoma each year. This means that 15% of cancers in children under the age of 20. SebastianStrong is an organization dedicated to finding a safer cure to childhood sarcoma. Sebastian Ortiz was a CCHS student and athlete that lost his life to sarcoma, leading his family and friends to found SebastianStrong. The organization holds events throughout the year in order to raise funds to help them in their fight against childhood cancer. Most recently, they held a concert featuring bands made up of middle school and high school students, some who knew Sebastian and some who just want to support a worthy cause. The bands included the Columbus Jazz Band, Tongue Tied, Westchester Sauce, the all-star band from the School of Rock, and 5800, a band featuring Phil Colin’s son on drums. CCHS faculty, students, and alumni all came to the Open Stage Club to enjoy food, drinks, and live music. The money raised from ticket sales and donations will go toward finding a safer and more full proof cure to childhood sarcoma.

With contributions from: Joseph Fernandez, Lukas Guerra, Alexander Someillan

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