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It’s the night everyone has been waiting for; Block-C. Block-C is a night where all the members of a Junior Varsity or Varsity team get recognized for their achievements this year on and off the field, court, and mat. It’s an event where the Junior Varsity members receive a certificate of excellence, and the Varsity members receive either a letterman, big C, or a plaque. This year the staff decided to make this Block-C special and make former Columbus student, Sebastian Ortiz, and present his family with a letterman saying “Ortiz” in the back. Overall, it’s a night that is worth looking forward to when it comes to recovering awards.
This night is one of the biggest award ceremonies Columbus has to offer at Christopher Columbus High School. At this event, your parents can come and watch you walk up and accept awards in the ceremony. The night begins first with a cocktail hour and then they can proceed in the dining area. After dinner is served, then begins the awards. Columbus takes a lot of pride in their sports programs from football to water polo and even wrestling. Columbus is the top program when it some to sports and academics.
This past year, Columbus has been organizing a few fundraisers for The Sebastian Strong Foundation and many people in the Columbus family have come together to support Sebastian’s family in need. So this year the Columbus staff has decided to give the Ortiz family a letterman for Sebastian saying “Ortiz” in the back of the letterman. We wanna thank the Ortiz family for being apart of our Columbus family and having the chance to be apart of their story. Giving the family a letterman with Sebastian’s name on it really means they world to the Ortiz family.
Once the night comes to an end, everyone takes their final pictures and says goodbye for the night. This event is an opportunity to show your parents how successful you’ve been all year in your sport. It’s an amazing feeling receiving a certificate and being recognized for all your hard work you’ve it in your sport this past season. Block-C is the main event every athletes looks forward to at the end of every sports season. When that last very name is called in the hall, everyone claps and cheers and finally takes a;l their picture and leaves the event expecting to come back next year.

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