Silver Knights Shine at 2018 Ceremony

The 60th Annual Silver Knight Awards we hosted last night to commemorate students in both Miami Dade County and Broward County for their commitment to service and impacting their community. There were 15 categories ranging from art to Digital media and vocational scholarships. The night started off with 742 nominees at the event where three honorable mentions were recognized from each county in every category. “I wasn’t nervous at first, but I spoke to everyone before the event started and their project, and so many people have made such a large impact in their community; everyone deserves to be here.” Said Emily Pateris, Silver Knight nominee for Drama.
For the commencement of the ceremony, a student nominee from Marjory Stoneman Douglas gave a heart warming performance of the song “Fly with you,” a performance dedicated to the importance of empowerment and staying strong. “I just want to dedicate this award to my fallen classmates from Feb. 14,” he said. “This will mean a lot to them and to my school as a whole.”
Before beginning the awards, the hosts told everyone how much of honor it is to be at the ceremony “Just as we have for the past 60 years, we’re here to honor you, the outstanding high school seniors with the passion and drive to make a positive difference in our community,” said Alexandra Villoch, East Region publisher for McClatchy and the Miami Herald Media Company’s president and publisher.
Christopher Columbus high school made a large impact with 2 Silver Knight winners and 2 honorable mentions. In the Journalism category, Christopher Ahrendt received this prestigious for his work on his two documentaries throughout his high school career and his work in building a journalism program for middle schoolers. Antonio Castellanos won for his work as an Eagle Scout and the dedication that he has shown constantly to his community. “It’s a surreal moment,” said Ahrendt, who along with Castellanos will study film at Florida State University. “We never thought we’d be here and get so much recognition for it.” Angel Perez-Castañeda and Gonzalo Londoño received an honorable mention for their work to finish off strong.
As the night came to end, the nominees were reminded that their hard work is very admirable and that award or not, they should continue to affect their community in a positive manner and keep making a change.

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