The Passion for Journalism Drives FSPA Event Producer

Passion, a strong and barely controllable emotion, but when controlled many can accomplish great success in their life, and one of which is Grace King – a current sophomore in the University of Florida.


“Growing up, my parents watched the news causing me to grow a huge passion for journalism,” said King. At the age of 10, King picked up her first camera and knew at the moment what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. “When I joined my local high school I saw they had a broadcasting class and I joined. Little did I know, that within those walls I was going to grow an even bigger passion of telling a story,” said King


“Grace was very talented. We hardly got along, but I am glad that she is currently killing it at school,” said Maria Molina, King’s high school broadcasting teacher. Molina and King never really looked eye to eye, but they manage to take many awards home during competitions together. “I always believed in her. Everyone at my school still talks about all the accomplishments Grace did while in high school,” said Molina


Even after receiving her high school diploma, King still uses her passion to drive her to success at the University of Florida (UF).


“Grace is a great student. Definitely an A student,” said Dave Doucet, King’s journalism teach at UF. “She is my go to and my right hand. She is one of those unique students that walk in only once in a wild and I am so thankful for her,” said Doucet.


Although Grace King has gone through many different stages in her life, one thing’s for sure: her passion will continuously drive her to success.

With Contributions By: David Perez, Alexander Someillan, and Marcus Callegari

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