The Last Set of Hope

The sun, the clouds, the rain, the lighting, the bugs, and especially the fans bought their tickets to see the epic showdown between the Christopher Columbus Explores and the Palmetto Bay Panthers. Now these two have seen the best of each other last year, even though the Explores fought with valor and strength the Panthers were still the victorious ones in the end. But, this time around the Explorers come out swinging. Delivering blows left and right, setting up full plates around the diamond, hitting dead center field, the Explores have the Panthers on their heels and wind at their backs. With the mosquitos biting, sun giving death heat strokes, and clouds giving no help.
Explores and Panthers still fight on, at the bottoms of the 5th inning bases are loaded. But as like Mother Nature is, nasty and mean, she interrupts a fully loaded base with a heavy hitting batter, EJ Doskow. The fans disappointed, the heat dies down wind blowing heavy clouds causing a dark gloomy feel. Unfortunately she’s hangers around to long and the referee’s call the game early giving the Explores a 3-0 game win. This game for the explorers was nothing but a breeze.
The explorers were told that they were going to go against either Hialeah High or Miami Beach. No matter what happens, the Explorers are ready for anything. They have been ready for this moment all season long, and that moment has finally come. The Explorers are practicing everyday getting better just to prepare for next weeks game. The explorers are never afraid of a challenge.
One of their biggest challenges they are facing right now is the weather and the fact that the game will be away. The Explorers are known for overcoming obstacles. They are super excited for this years final four. The team is hoping and praying that this year they can go to states and win just like they did back in 2015. The one thing they can not do is slack, have lack in confidence, and believe in each other.
The one thing the 2015 team had that was key to the program, was the brotherhood the team formed at the beginning of the season. They made sure that they were always together and that they would never ever let anyone get in between them. The term family means everything to the Columbus baseball team. We wish the team the best of luck next week and the next games to come.

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