State FBLA Competition Comes To Orlando

While it began in 1958, the Future Business Leaders of America organization has rooted itself throughout the United States. All across the country, chapters have been established, giving students more opportunities in business education than they’ve ever gotten before. FBLA is the most prestigious and recognized business club in the US. Judging by the amount of attendees and the production quality of even the state level events, it is clear that it cannot go unnoticed on a national level.

Having been established for over 60 years, it is important to look at where it all started. The vague concept that would become the FBLA organization began when Hamden L. Forkner of Teacher’s College in New York proposed the creation of a national business club to include students from all across the country. From then on it only grew, having approximately 200,000 annual members in 1987 to now having over 230,000 annual members.

Every year, the FBLA organization holds a state level and national level convention. Some schools such as Mater Academy have over 200 members that they bring to convention. There is steep competition throughout the FBLA presentations and quizzes. With an overflow of support for the FBLA conventions, they are on track to continue for many years to come.

With contributions by: Jose Fernandez

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