Fighting the College Finance

High School students work very hard to get into the college of their choosing, but a big factor in deciding which university to attend is the cost of the school. Colleges get more expensive each year with high tuition prices plus paying for housing, food, transportation, books, etc. The average tuition and fees at private National Universities have jumped 157 percent. Out of state tuition and fees at public at National Universities have risen 194 percent. Without scholarship money many students can find this difficult to pay.

“Being the son of two Colombian immigrants it is really hard for me to pay for the college of my choosing,” says senior at Christopher Columbus High School, Gonzalo Londono.

Thankfully their is financial programs such as which is an organization that provides scholarship opportunities to high school students. Mainly, those who are less privileged and less likely to have sophisticated guidance in choosing a college and financing their education.

“I always tell the kids gives you a lot of money to a lot of different colleges so it can only work in your benefit,” says Sophomore counselor Brother John. has 25,000 plus High School students signed up, more than 250 college partners, and 5,000 dollars earned on average per student. It is also one of thousands of programs that work in favor of giving money to high school students. For students simply need to fill out their achievements throughout High School and depending on how good it is a certain college gives the student money.

“ has helped give me a lot of money to different universities for simply filling out out my accolades throughout my High School career,” said Londono.

Without apps like students would have to take out loans which 1.3 million people end college in debt. That’s why counselors at Columbus enforce their students to sign up for to help out their financial payment for college. For only a couple minutes out of your day, you can make every college you are accepted to a realistic option for you to attend.

With contributions by: Javier Rodriguez

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