Stonemen Douglas Walk Out

This year has been a most tragic and eventful year. These events are one to remember, it left a scare on time and will never will be forgotten. It was on a beautiful holiday, Valentines Day, when a shooter on school campus opened fire on innocent people or students and teachers. For six whole minutes people were being slaughtered, people were scared, teachers taking bullets for students heros blood was spilled; this action caused the youth to stand up and fight against random acts of gun violence. At Christopher Columbus, students organized themselves and walked them self out into the gymnasium and sat a hard a hart felt moment of silence, prayer, and reflection on what happened a month ago. The music set the town, a mellow or calm mood was set, this was no happy joyful event. Students listened to the tape recordings of the police officers on the phone with innocent bystanders across the street. After, there were three students that stud up and said what they felt as a students in a country of domestic war. The victims names were read out loud, remembering their name, and who they were. Some had to say that the walk out was a great thing, but going back this should have never had happened, we should’ve learned from the first incident that happened in Colombian. After student prayed for five minutes. The Military Tap was played in their honor as if they were fallen soldiers in war.

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