The Art of Music

The arts have always worked as a way for people to express themselves, whether it’s art, acting, music, etc. The arts, work as an outlet to release any personal distress or tell a story. Christopher Columbus alumn Cesar Santalo is doing just that while bringing his passion to life in two vastly different art forms.

While his time in high school, Santalo showed much excellence in visual arts. Santalo started his own art club, as well as becoming a Silver Knight nominee for art as well and ultimately winning the award for not only his dedication to the craft but his constant dedication to providing service for his community. Santalo slowly became known as a true visual artist, but unbeknownst to many of his friends and even his parents, this was not the end of his artistic career.

Cesar Santalo expressed to us his fear of wanting to try music for the first time, ” I always had this itch to go out and try music, but I was nervous, I never really went out and did it until my freshman year of college,” said Santalo. Santalo released his first studio album, “Things Happen,” early 2017 and released it on all music streaming platforms, he has now had over 100 thousand people stream his album on Spotify alone. ” This all came as a surprise to all of us, I didn’t even know he could sing until a few months before the album was dropped, and now I’m in awe,” said Carmen Santalo, Cesar’s mother.  Cesar has received much support from his fans and plans on continuing this musical journey and is currently working on multiple singles. The talent of music seems to come almost naturally to Cesar.

” The first time I went into the studio, I wasn’t sure what it was I needed, I came in empty handed, luckily, I was in there with a friend who gave me a beat to use, and I recorded my first song,” said Cesar. He attributes much of his successes to his supportive parents for always being by his side when making his artistic decisions. ” Especially in the arts, you always want to make sure that you have the support group from the people you are always with and love because when you are creating, you always need that positivity in your life.” Cesar doesn’t plan on giving one art form for the other, but rather use both of them to continuously express himself.


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