Wall’s Ice Cream delights Miamians

Ice Cream is a staple food for anyone, especially under the Miami sun, and their is one company who strives to give you a refreshing taste of ice cream the old fashioned way. Walls Ice Cream opened back in 2013. Wall’s Ice Cream is a family owned business that claims they offer a “personal touch because our goal is simple: Make our customers happy.” According to their website.
Many customers come back for the ambience that this family’s owned business gives off. “The vibe here is very calm a solid we’ll as fun,” says Alexandra Diaz, Wall’s Ice Cream Employee, who assures as that they “offer a wide selection of flavors that the customers just love.” Not only does Wall’s after a place to rest and have ice cream, but also has games outside for people of all ages.
This ice cream parlor is a great place to release some stress according to Wall’s Ice Cream Customer, Sophia Hernandez, who said “ Considering i’m a senior high school, I usually get really stressed due to all the tests I have to take and homework I need to, so whenever I come here it’s super nice and relaxing to be able to come out here and get some fresh air.”
Wall’s has been able to not only continuously but successfully offer its town member a place to go to when wanting to relax or even to come have a good time. On top of the variety of flavors they offer and a home like atmosphere, Wall’s tops it all of by playing a wide range of music that adheres to every Ice Cream fanatics taste.
When looking for a place to take the family out for Ice Cream, Wall’s has been providing a place to do so that not only offers dessert and entertainment, but they also offer shakes and other snacks as well. This friendly environment has attracted many customers since 2013 and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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