Walk A Thon Unites the Whole School

Christopher Columbus High School is holding its 25th annual Walkathon this year from February 23rd to March 16th. Walkathon is a student-centered fundraiser in which students need to bring $80 or more and are encouraged to buy snacks, play games, and drinks in class and all around campus.
“I feel that Walkathon is a fun way to get the money we need in order to advance the school,” says Columbus freshmen, Alex Ulloa.
Columbus uses all the money they obtain from the students and teachers to improve the classrooms, sports facilities, and the students’ education. Some improvements that were made to the school over the last couple of years were the state of the art weight room, one of the only turf baseball fields in the state, and the new Mas building. Brother Kevin and Mr. Pugh are only looking for bigger and better advancements this year.
“We are going to build a baseball complex and new offices for the guidance counselors after this years Walkathon,” says Columbus Principal, David Pugh.
Besides getting improvements on and off the field, the students have the opportunity to get four days off including the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. However this can only be achieved if the school’s goal of $150,000 is reached. Awards and prizes are also given to students in a raffle to entice students to bring more money. The more money students bring in during Walkathon gives students more raffle tickets towards the bigger prizes, and this leads to better odds of winning those prizes. Most kids are striving to bring in $120 and allows them to participate in challenges such as arm-wrestling and push-up contests.
However, what made this Walkathon different than years past was the theme. This year’s theme of Game of Thrones, a very widely liked show by teachers and students.
“I thought it was well thought out and cool that the theme was a show that the students and teachers both watch. I also enjoyed the photoshopping of the teachers’ faces on the TV show’s characters,” says Ulloa.
As Walkathon got off to a successful 25th year, students get ready to enjoy the next two weeks of fun at school and all the improvements for next year.

With contributions by: Sebastian Valdes-Denis

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