Muhammad Ali Boxing Center Gives Training for All Boxers

For many people, boxing, or any physical training, helps people escape from the realities of the real world. Running is one of the most popular physical activities for people to escape from, as well as martial arts, swimming, biking, and more, but boxing is another one of these sports for some. Dariel Ramirez for example, claims that “boxing helps me clear my mind after a bad day, along with coming home and seeing my family, it’s an overall good mix.” Dariel is a young boxer who aspires to compete professionally, but also has a great passion for boxing itself. “I want to become something big in the boxing world, and I have to train everyday, and I have to love boxing.”

David Pena, one of the boxing trainers at Muhammad Ali Boxing Center, claims that some people love the sport and some aim for professionalism, “It all depends really, some just love boxing because it helps clear their mind, and for some boxing is what’s always on their minds.” Boxing though can also be a brutal sport to train for. David Pena also claims that “boxing requires everyday practice, if you want to win in the ring, you have to train every single day and work extremely hard.” To some, that is a price that is worth paying, like Dariel Ramirez, who claimed he comes everyday to the boxing center.

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