Should Men Be More Emotional?

Today in day, society is troubled by the social construct that states that men shouldn’t display their true emotions or cry when they feel like it. American society has brought up the idea that men shouldn’t display their emotions because it is seen as too “feminine” or  reveals their weakness.

Men don’t cry because when they are raised they are told things like be tough, man up and don’t cry. Men show their toughness and ability to endure pain by taking it and not shedding a tear. Usually stereotypically, women are the emotional ones in society and because of that they cry more which could be true, but men on the other hand should not cry because it is against the norms of society. Women do cry a lot more than men which can however can be a masculinity issue.

But to that point men express themselves in different ways. They can express their emotions in things like sports, for example high contact physical sports like football, soccer or basketball. They can also express their emotion in the use of drugs in alcohol which is a negative and is something we try and get everyone away and separated from.

If this continues the stigma of men being the masculine one and not being allowed to publicly display emotion could affect us negatively in the long run. It can affect our mental health and emotion health. At the end of the day men shouldn’t be afraid to display their emotion because they should have just as much freedom of expression as women do. Even though it does not keep up with the stereotype that men shouldn’t cry to demonstrate their toughness and masculinity and that women are the only ones allowed to cry and be emotional around other people and in public.

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