Andrew Ahrendt Strives For Greatness

At just ten years old, Andrew Ahrendt is already striving to reach his goal as a baseball player. He started off playing for a tee-ball league at Palmer Park in South Miami and fell in with the sport. He currently plays for Miami Pro Baseball League and has played for 6 years, since he was only 4 years old.

Andrew first witnessed his future passion right around the time if his birth, watching his older brother Chris play, “Andrew kind of grew up around baseball.” Around the time he was born is when I first started playing tee-ball, so ever since he was one he’s been sitting on a baseball field, or playing with baseballs while I’m doing tee practice.” Watching his older brother play, as somewhat as his role model, drove Andrew to play the game he now loves.

“I think if they’re enjoying they’re going to want to do it more, you know, if we push too hard, make it too detailed, at this age he’s going to get really tired of it pretty quick.” commented his father Bruce Ahrendt. Through years of practice, Andrew was able to develop his skill to be able to continue playing. Yet, it wasn’t always like that, “Andrew was never the most naturally athletic, but through the practice he’s done. Through working with martial arts and Taekwondo and just all the practice six days a week, he’s gotten much more natural.” Andrew didn’t let this form of adversity faze him as through this hard work and dedication he continues to strive for his goal of playing for the Columbus Baseball Team and one day going onto the MLB.

Behind all the intense training, Andrew has another motive to work his hardest, “I do have dreams of playing pro. Some of my coaches, most of all my coaches played in the minor leagues which is one step down from pro, so I want to fulfill their dream and go to pro.” commented Andrew. But before he reaches that level, Andrew wants to play for his future high school, Christopher Columbus.

As Andrew continues his strive success in baseball, Chris hopes to leave him with a message of inspiration, “Like in anything, having goals is a big deal, you’re always looking towards something that you wants and Andrew is no different when it comes to baseball. He has big dreams of playing for Columbus and then even going further than that and playing college, so he puts in the work, he’s doing well, and he’s pretty good at it.”

With Contributions By: Alexander Ramos, Brian Hoyo, and Kevin Anguiera

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