Team FDC runs the Miami Marathon

Marathons are races that span 23.219 miles, the estimated length that Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens in Ancient Greece. This feat was thought to be impossible, but ever since the first marathon (which was run to honor Pheidippides), all kinds of people complete marathons and half marathons. Tall people, short people, thin people, thick people, and even those with disabilities have been known to complete these runs.
Competitors often train in a team, with which they run through the marathon, supporting each other. Their goal is to grow stronger and help each other. While some people are chasing times, many are just looking to overcome something they thought the couldn’t, or were told they couldn’t by someone else.
The Miami marathon attracts thousands of people and numerous teams of runners to come to downtown Miami for the race. The marathon runs from downtown Miami to Miami Beach to coconut grove and back to the start. (Many miami natives will tell you they wouldn’t do that by car!) The course gives runners a view of a few different environments found in Miami. Downtown Miami shows our large concrete jungle, Miami Beach shows off our shorelines and oceans, and Coconut Grove showcases our beautiful tree covered neighborhoods and historical houses. As runners traverse the course, there are many rest stops where competitors can use the restroom, take a breather, and get refreshments.
With contributions by Jose Fernandez

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