SoundCloud Rapper on the Rise

          As just a freshman in High School, Daniel Gonzalez is breaking barriers as he already has an idea on what his future holds. Daniel is a SoundCloud Rapper who has a passion to make and produce his own music. He started off his career very simply, “In the beginning, I started with this small beat pad, and then I started to take classes  with it with a guy who’s a famous producer names Tod Hill, a small Dade-Producer, and he taught me a lot of what to do with the programs.” Daniel continues to work his way up, though, and continues to develop his craft.

          His mother, Lilian Gonzalez, believes that Daniel has come a long way, “He really has come a long way in his music because he has a passion for it, and I think whenever you the passion for something that gives you the drive to keep moving forward. And Daniel has done just that as he continues to go to classes every week and record new songs. Through his hard work Daniel has developed some success as one of his songs, Racked Up, as he has reached nearly 10,000 views on Soundcloud. Daniel has taken advantage of Soundcloud to stream his music, stating, “Soundcloud is really easy to use, it allows me to post whatever I want. Posting is private so I’m able to hear it on my account and also post it and easily link it to friends and people who want to listen.”

          As Daniel remains confident in himself, so does his mother, commenting, “Oh, I have no doubt that Daniel will continue making music for a lifetime because when something is inating you in something you love to do, it’s usually something that you do for the love of it.” This confidence is her son keeps Daniel motivated as he continues to strive in his music. Daniel has a passion for music and with that passion Daniel has been able to great things and he hopes to continue doing great things.

          Daniel isn’t done ready to settle for where he is at now; he has a plan and a future he wants to achieve. “What’s in the future for my music is probably different types of sounds, not just sticking to one sound, and getting with a lot of different artist and making different music with them.” as Daniel continues to develop his music, he hopes that what he puts out on the internet for all his fans leaves his mark on the music game.


With contributions by: Alexander Ramos

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