Modernizing Miami Money

Coral Gables is one of the oldest cities in Miami, but over time, technology advances and most of its established residents are subject to change. People are starting to switch from paying with dollar bills and credit cards top paying over the phone. Technology is advancing and there are many different ways to receive payments and send payments with a touch of a button. However there are some downsides to paying virtually which could be a number of different things ranging from hackers, to just simple glitches. Nowadays everyone has their phone  on them and if you do lose it there are different ways to find out where you misplaced it or where you left it last and nothing will happen to your money. On the other hand losing your wallet can result to losing your money. If you lose your wallet there is no way of tracing that. The more technology is advancing the more virtual payment apps will rise and take over. Smartphones are also extremely convenient for payments, everyone constantly has there phone on them. Even in those situations where you think you need cash for example splitting a uber with your friend. Sending him money is as easy as sending him a text through your phone. Using those payment apps the possibilities to easy payments are endless. The truth of the matter is that times are changing and technology is always advancing. So if you don’t keep up, you might be left behind.

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