Futbol in South Florida

Miami is a city known for it’s history, culture, passion, and sports. David Beckham, along with multiple prominent investors teamed up to bring the first ever Major League Soccer team to the magic city. The announcement was made Monday afternoon at the Adrienne Arsht Center, where soccer fans from all over Miami came to show support for the new team. Despite no official name or team colors being released just yet, these team owners made it clear to the audience that this growth will be a group effort, and they are going to rely on the people to come to a vote and decide.
While it was a positive day for Miami soccer fans, these investors had to overcome much backlash. Jorge Mas, part owner of the new team, said, ” Throughout my years of experience, I have learned that no matter what it is I do, we can’t please everyone, and no matter how positive it may be, people will find a flaw. Don’t look at today as anything else than what it is, a day where sports fans rejoice and celebrate the addition of a new team.” During the conference, Beckham displayed support from many celebrities and athlete who are willing to assist him if he were to ever need it and to pursue his dream.
Beckham told us that his transition from being a world renowned soccer star to being a soccer team owner. He said quote, ” If I had the chance to own a team, I wanted it to be in a city with a lot of passion and a lot of strong culture and diversity.” he continued with saying, “The transition has been pretty smooth, I was very lucky to drop into something straight away.” He elaborated by telling us that most players are unable to find something to do after leaving the field.
Miami is clearly known world-wide for its passion and love of sports. Miami has many sports including a football team, baseball team, and a basketball team, all that was missing was this soccer team. CEO of Sprint, Marcelo Claure, has high hope for the team, for it is not rare for a team to join the league and dominate amongst all others. Miami’s pending MLS team wants to focus on hiring Miami talent, even building an academy that will help young stars to work their way up into the professional soccer world.

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