Activists Gather to Celebrate Anniversary of Women’s March

Cries and shouts have been heard across the nation last Sunday as millions of Americans gathered to protest the election of President Trump and to celebrate the one year anniversary of the famous women’s rights marches.
“It is important to support women and send a strong message to President Trump that we are all here and we will not stand by as he takes away our rights,” said Camille Garcia-Mendoza, a local activist for women’s rights and a volunteer at the event.
Last year on January 20th 2017, then President-Elect Trump was inaugurated into the office of the presidency. However, some Americans found his campaign actions towards women as vile and distasteful as tapes of President Trump were leaked showing him making lewd remarks about a married woman. This prompted millions of activists to take the streets the following day in cities across the nation the following day. From New York City to Los Angeles crowds filled the streets supporting women’s rights causes such as equal pay and abortion rights.
One year later, those same Americans feel that under the first year of President Trump’s rule, that their rights have been undermined. This motivated them to once again take the streets and fight for the issues that affect them. On January 21st 2018, South Floridian women’s rights activists gathered at the Mana Convention Center, in Wynwood. The event hosted guest speakers such as Democratic Candidate for Governor Gwen Graham who stressed the importance of the women’s rights movement saying, “women throughout the nation should be able to have the opportunity to become whatever it is they want to be.”
Women’s rights activists are looking forward to the 2018 midterm elections, where they feel women can be elected in record numbers. State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez appeared hopeful for the impact of women in the 2018 elections saying, “we need women to not only run for office, but go to the polls and fight for the issues they care about most.” The 2018 midterms will prove to be a referendum on the President and his agenda.
Women’s rights supporters are hoping that those cries and shouts will energize people to go to the polls and vote for politicians who take their fight to Washington D.C.

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