Real vs. Synthetic Christmas Trees

Tis the season for gift giving and tree buying. It is a hectic time to buy the symbol of Christmas, a Christmas tree. Many people have reasons why they spend less or more on a Christmas tree; for example Annamarie Gonzalez, a young girl prefers a natural tree because of the authenticity of the saps smell that fills the room with Christmas spirit. She also says “the fullness of the real tree enhances the spirit of Christmas”. Some agree with Annamarie, that Christmas is about the “real thing”. Domingo Rodriguez is a Christmas tree sealer, he says that “Nothing replaces the real tree which is the symbol of Christmas, which is very real.” To those whom celebrate Christmas differently, in terms of real or fake trees, have no other option, a synthetic tree is the is the first and last option. Helga Fernandez, a fake tree owner, says that an experience with a real tree changed her life. Helga explains that her son suffered from an allergic reaction from a real tree.“We bought a fake tree for the first time when my son was born, which was his first Christmas, because he became very ill due to the fact that he was allergic to pine sap; and so we’ve had a synthetic tree ever since”. No matter what your situation is, either with financial or health issues, we hope you have a merry Christmas.

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