Carter Burrus honored at Arbetter’s

For years now, the Columbus community has been honoring the one and only legend, Dr. Carter E. Burrus at the usual hotdog joint called “Arebetters”. It is such an amazing moment to see such a welcoming community come together and celebrate this special day for Carter Burrus. They will always have that day set for Carter Burrus no matter what. He has been going to Arbetters since he was in High school. Now, they decided to make a day specially for him.
Carter Burrus day always comes a day after his birthday. Arebetters has been keeping photos and jerseys of him all the way back when he was in High school. For all these years, he has been one of their most loyal customers out there. Most people said that when he played football, that he was just unstoppable, courageous, and extremely aggressive. When it comes down to all three of those traits, that’s what separates the men from the women.
According to Dr. E. Carter Burrus himself, he said “Everyone who comes to Arbetters is a part of Arebetters.” Not only do adults from the southwest, westchester area come, teenagers from Columbus, coral park, St. Brendan, and etc come too. Everyone who comes to Arebetters is guaranteed a great time. Arebetters is just filled with great people and also has an amazing atmosphere to be surrounded by. When you walk in the hosts are always welcoming you as you come in and order food.
The Columbus band got a chance to perform at Carter Burrus Day. As they played rock songs, the crowd just grew bigger and bigger. The CEO even had a blast listening to old rock songs. At one point, Dr. Carter Burrus came outside and started filming the whole gathering. You can tell that he loved the bands company while everyone ate and talked to each other.
In the end, Dr. Carter Burrus had an amazing time and will definitely be back next year and the following years to reconnect again with old friends.

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