Real vs. Synthetic Christmas Trees: Which is right for you?

Christmas trees have always been an important part of sharing holiday cheer for a while now. People see the pine trees as one of the biggest symbols of Christmas spirit. They can be a family oriented decorating activity and/or a place to find presents beneath on Christmas day. But with the holidays coming around, shoppers have to make a very important decision; wether to buy a real pine tree or a synthetic one. It is important to note the factors that go into making this decision. Each has its own pros and cons that are primarily subjective to each individual shopper.

When it comes to real trees, most people see the smell and the naturality of the tree to be a pro while others see it as a con. With the natural essence of the tree comes the cleanup and maintenance of it. Real trees must be watered semi-often. With the awkward angles that go into watering a Christmas tree, comes the possibility of spilling water all over your floor. They also have needle-like leaves that need to be cleaned up around the tree pretty often. Maintenance-wise, real trees are not the way to go, however the smell, the feel, and the look are all valid reasons to choose a real tree over a synthetic one.

With synthetic Christmas trees, a lot of times they come with lights pre-installed on them. This cuts the decorating time in half and saves the trouble of having to perfectly string lights around the tree from the top to the bottom. Although having a lot of benefits, synthetic trees can cost up to twice the price of a real tree. A notable factor in spending more on a synthetic tree is that it can be used more than once. A synthetic tree can last for years and years, making it a valid investment if one plans to continue celebrating Christmas in future years. Pine needles don’t have to be swept up and thrown in the garbage every week or so. Synthetic trees don’t have to be watered or maintained ever.

Nonetheless, throwing out all the pros of synthetic trees over real trees, many people choose to get real trees. The sheer reality of non-synthetic Christmas trees trumps the need to conserve money. They see it as one part of the true meaning of Christmas. As they see Christmas being an authentic holiday, it is tradition to go out and find the tree that is just right for them. There is something special about taking a tree home on the roof of your car and struggling to bring it into your house while trying to avoid getting sap on your hands. Real trees have always been a fan favorite, however with there being a small shortage of pine trees, people have resorted to buying synthetic trees because of the price and convenience in 2017 specifically. Synthetic tree sales have gone through the roof, outdoing sales of real trees so far.

Synthetic trees have the visible potential to make having real trees a preference of the minority.

With contributions by: Jose Fernandez

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