Columbus Anglers Club Learns More About the FWC

With the FWC’s intent to conserve wildlife and enforce the laws in the State and Federal waters, many of their efforts wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of donors such as Ignacio Borbolla. Ignacio, the founder of the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida, focuses on expanding conservation efforts to youth, and assists the FWC financially. Borbolla claimed “the

Fish and Wildlife Conservation of Florida focuses on helping the youth understand the purpose of the FWC and we work with the FWC in their projects.” Ignacio’s youth outreach was one of his main reasons to inviting the Columbus Anglers Club to the FWC as well.


The Columbus Anglers Club students, with the invitation from Ignacio, were able to understand and learn how the FWC functions. Students were able to have conversations with officers and learn more about them personally, deeming them more comfortable with the officers that enforce their fishing laws. Officers such as Ronald Washington were able to speak to students such as Christopher Costa, in which Costa claimed “I was able to learn a lot about the officers, and you get to know that their not just mean officers that want to catch you on small violations but they’re people that want to serve the cause of conserving the environment, and they’re humans, not just robot officers.”


With Contributions by Victor Arechavaleta

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