Schedule changes CCHS for the better

Some people may say changes are bad, but in this case some changes are exactly what us Columbus students need and hope for. Over the years, Columbus students have sometimes complained for more one on one time with teachers. Students have been struggling in school cause they don’t have enough time to learn a certain subject in 45 minute periods. Guidance counselors can only go far when it comes to one on one time with students from talking about grades, to getting in-depth research about what colleges are right for them. Starting this school year, Columbus will be making one of the biggest changes ever.
This year, instead of having six periods, we will be having seven periods now. According to Columbus, they will be introducing block periods. For example, on Wednesday, students will be having periods 1-3. On Thursdays, students will be having 4-7. With this change, students will be having more one time with teachers and will have a more in-depth learning session on lessons with teachers.
With more time spent in the classroom on block days, students will have a chance to ask more questions and will get a chance to more understand a certain section they are learning. Since the students are in the class for an hour and a half, they will have more time to complete homework, class work, quizzes, and tests all in the same period. With this change being added to this school year, Columbus finds their students working harder and harder in the class. This means that the students will have a better chance of getting into the colleges of their choices. From what students say, they feel that having block periods has been one of the best changes ever made in Columbus history.
With this change being in effect, guidance counselors have more time to go around the school looking for students to help out more. Before, counselors would only have 45 minutes maximum to get at most three kids to sit down and talk about their grades and about college. Students agree that Columbus now is getting more and more advanced as the years go by. Who knows what could happen in the near future when it comes to learning and teaching. With the block periods, the administration also has more time to walk around and make sure the school is safe at all times. This year is a start of a new era in technology.

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