The Columbus Band’s Winter Concert is a Success

As winter rolls around the corner, the Columbus Band put on a show. They hosted their annual Winter Band Concert this past Thursday night in the Columbus Cafe, and this year’s concert was the best one yet. “The Winter Band Concert is a culmination of all our classes playing.” Commented Band Teacher, Mr. Cooper. The band has four classes that performed at the concert: Honors Concert Band, Intro to Band, Rock Ensemble, and Intro to Guitar.

The Band learned an array of new songs for the audience, and it took a lot of effort, as they learned different songs that fit each classes level. “The Band has been practicing the whole year just to play at this winter concert.” started Junior, Richard Estrella. “Like anything, preparation is everything. You look at the football team, they’re out here all summer long; they’re here every day.” Stated Mr. Cooper. The band really dedicates itself to their music as they practice in school, out of school, and at home. To Mr. Cooper, dedication to the band is key to their success. To appeal to his students he uses a football analogy, “You don’t want to be an offensive lineman when you have four really strong linemen and you have one guy in the middle that’s weak. Everyone has to unite as a team and put forth their effort and do as much as the guy next to them, and make sure that they are at their level and not disappointing anyone.

To be ready for such a big event such as the Winter Concert, the band players not only need to practice, but they need to share a special bond with each other.  “Before all performances, we usually go out to eat, which is where we got to know each other.” commented Guitarist, Billy Brown. With many new faces on the band, to Billy, this way of bonding forms a unity between the team and this early in the year they have all built a special relationship with each other. And as the night kicked off, all of their hard work and bonding paid off. All four band groups for the Explorers performed, and they all performed to their level.

As the night went on the band put on an amazing show that entertained the audience. As the band continues to grow not only in musical talent, but with each other they hope to put on an even better show next year and the years to come.

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