Technology, is it too much?

As time goes on, technology advances and more of it gets integrated into our daily lives. Many people say that this is a good thing. It is argued that an integration of technology makes us more efficient, but others speculate, is it too much?
Ever since Apple introduced the world it’s first iPhone, smartphones have taken the world by storm. Those phones took place of many of the devices people used to rely on individually, including but not limited to, Cameras, Music, and mail. The world is evolving every day, and it is important to understand the effects it can have on us.
The reliance on technology is not the issue, it is practically impossible not to occasionally rely on it because of how our world uses it. The issues begin when you allow this over-reliance to affect you and begin to affect your quality of life. This is proven by simply looking around, many people’s face are being illuminated by the light emerging from their devices. It is almost impossible not to do so, work and school environments require to use computers, laptops, and tablets to access certain programs to be as efficient as those around you.

Technology is being implemented in more places than ever. Our cars have more advanced cameras, GPS, and just overall has more capabilities that surpasses just driving. We see cars such as Tesla’s who have built in tablets. This technology being part of our lives doesn’t stop at our vehicles or at what is in our pocket, but even some comes are converting to “smart homes.” This is becoming extremely dangerous, and the negatives can also outweigh the positive.

It can be argued that since we are more connected than ever, people are eager to figure out who is up to what by constantly checking social media, but it can be come an addiction. According to a study done by Personal, “In 2013, according to statistics compiled by the Department of Transportation, 3,154 people died and another 424,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes caused by drivers who were distracted because they were texting or using cell phones.” Technology consumers are getting consumed into their devices and are forgetting and or ignoring the world around them.

Technology is extremely important to move forward in the world, but we must not ignore it’s negative repercussions, we must not let is consume us and take away from our quality of life.


Contributions from: Arthur Falconi, Kevin Reyes, and Antonio Castellanos





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