Black Friday Shoppers Line Up On Thanksgiving

Black Friday has been a tradition that’s lasted for years, and for the past few years, Black Friday has been starting earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving. Many people oppose the idea of skipping thanksgiving to show up on Black Friday, but some people are able to mix both their thanksgiving and shopping spirits.


Gabriel Vera, a shopper looking for deals, claimed “It’s a family tradition for us to finish our thanksgiving and go out and enjoy the rest of our Thanksgiving Day by heading out to the stores because many of the items are still available.” Stores such as Best Buy and Target tend to start some of their sales in the morning and some at night during the holiday to eliminate running into dinner time. Cleverly, this brings in more customers according to certain department stores, and allows them to not feel conflicted to skip their family time.


Though the department stores open up in between Thanksgiving dinners, employees unfortunately have to miss their holiday. Gabriel Vera claimed “I used to work in sales and department stores and I had to miss certain holidays myself, which is honestly terrible, but it’s extra money for the employees and it’s extra hours on the job, so I guess it’s not that bad.” Though employees receive more hours and more money, they are typically required to work anyways. Employees at stores usually must defer their Thanksgiving dinners to Wednesday, which to some employees doesn’t work due to their large families planning their holidays for Thursday.


With Black Friday being set back to Thursday, many Black Friday sales don’t even happen on Friday, and many of the store supplies are miniscule after doorbusters and bulk sales. During Black Friday, many stores were practically empty or somewhat busy, and many of the sales that were seen on Thursday didn’t even occur. In the future, it’s hard to tell if Black Friday could be completely eliminated, but presently, Black Friday’s appearance on Friday is being eliminated quickly.

With Contributions By: Steven Lee, Victor Arechavaleta, and Sean Dawson


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