Cheering to Success By-line

Cheering to Success By-line: David Perez

In basketball they call them the 6th man, but no matter what sport you’re watching, the fans are crucial to the success of any team, and football is no exception. On Friday November 15, 2017, the Columbus Football team played their second playoff game against South-Dade in the Tropical Park football field. As everyone was eager for the game to start the fans started arriving to cheer for the success of the players. “I believe cheering the players does help them in a kind of way that basically allows them to become themselves and have fun”, said Raphael Crespo, a football expectator.

Seeing the crows cheers does not just encourages the football players, but gets other expectators to cheer on and have a good time. “An atmosphere is really important in the game. It gets people really hyped up and into the moment”, said Cecily Sendon, a football expectator. Cheering also calls the attention to those who don’t really enjoy football, as it brings people together by rooting towards the same team.

As the crowd continues to cheer loudly, the Columbus football team is getting closer to their main goal: the state championship.

“Well this game is to advance to the regional finals and it’s a semifinal so it’s a big deal”, said Matthew Gonzalez, a Columbus football fan. In the past years, Columbus football players have not gotten the chance to receive the trophy; therefore, this year they are woking really hard to make their dreams a reality.

As fans cheer loud each game, they see how the team’s handwork has paid off. “I definitely feel that all the hard work of this great Columbus team has paid off”, said Crespo. At the end of the day winning the trophy or not does not really matter, as long as the Columbus Explorers try as hard as possible.

With the help of the fans, encouraging the players to do better each time they come out, the Explorers have gotten an opportunity to advance to the playoff, getting close to the state championship.

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