Marc Buoniconti returns to Columbus

For 51 year old Marc Buoniconti, football was a family tradition, or in Marc’s case a life saver.

“Football kept me out of trouble for the most part ” Marc said, but like all dreams, it must come to an end. For Marc Buoniconti the sport that gave all, took all, after that sudden tragic injury, it took marc seven months to breath on his own, now Marc has been forced to watch the game that he loves so dearly on the sideline.”It was a day of destiny between me and Herman Jacobs on third down.” On third down, or so called now “money down” Marc delivers a head first blow to Jacobs, but suffers on the tail end of it, a life changing injury.”As I lay there upon the multiple bodies I see an arm; I soon realize that it’s my arm; and I can’t move it”

For a football player like Marc, life without football was unimaginable. But the injury didn’t end his life, it only saved it “I was going down a dark path, the injury saved my life, it changed the way I am as a person”.

On October 26, several years after the day of the devastating hit, the class of 1984 came to Columbus to support Marc and his successful book. As Marc looks back on his life and his injury he decided to change the way he is and give back to the community, by opening up a research foundation for paralyzed patients like himself. “Because of all the help I had from my family, friends, and doctors I was able to start the Miami Project and change the way people think about spinal cord injuries, we changed medicine forever.”

It was a tragic injury, but it saved Marc Buoniconti and inspired him to start up a medical research facility for patients who have suffered the same injuries.

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