Columbus Florida College Trip inspires students

As students reach the end of their high school careers, they get asked one question many times: “What colleges are you applying to?” Luckily for the juniors at Christopher Columbus High School, they receive the opportunity to explore several schools in their home state of Florida.While online tours and fairs give some insight into schools, college tours allow students to not only inquire about programs, but experience the learning environments, dorms, and even food choices at the campuses they visit as well, allowing them to better choose which schools they will apply to.
One great advantage to the trips is that anybody can go. From athletes to artists to academic prodigies, the tour helps all students als about any program they might have questions about. On the tour, the students can visit the classrooms they’d be studying in for the most part, and see what is asked of students and how the relationship between the professors and students works. For instance, if a student prefers to write their essays late at night, a school with a 24 hour computer lab may be more appealing to them than one with a daytime only lab.
Students are often tour leaders, and if not they will most likely be on campus to talk in more depth about the experience of being a student at each college. With all these sources of information about colleges, it’s no doubt that all the things someone could ask for, in regards to help with deciding what schools they like best, are provided. While many may have their hearts set on a college for whatever reason, be it their parents went there or just because it’s close (or as far as possible) to home, some will change their mind and end up liking schools they would have never thought of being interested in.
As juniors deal with the anxiety of taking their SATs or ACTs, and are asked about what colleges they want to apply to, at least some of them will have been prepared by the college tour to give an answer.

With contributions by: Jose Fernandez

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