21st Century Addiction Distancing Families, Friends

Mesmerizing screens that connect us to the world can at times disconnect us from human contact.


Modern technology has brought people together in ways that could have been viewed as unimaginable decades ago. But when is enough technology, enough? People have become addicted to their mobile devices in dangerous ways. According to a Washington Post report, teens spend a third of their day on media either listening to music or on online streaming services.


Some might argue that one can spend their time doing more productive things such as reading a book or working out.


Technology has brought people together through social media and other forms of online communication however it could lead to depression and anxiety, according to University of Illinois psychology professor Alejandro Lleras.


Currently, technology is an important part of a person’s life as it revolves around our jobs, consumption of news, and the way we communicate with others. Apple is releasing a new iPhone, the iPhone X, on November 3, 2017.


The phone includes modern innovations such as Face ID which logs you into your phone through face recognition. Some experts believe these innovations will lead to stronger addictions.


Over the past couple of decades, we have witnessed a technological revolution. From the invention of the flip phone to smart phones, technology is capturing the interests of teens across the nation. Phones were once a necessity that helped us communicate with others during emergencies, but they have changed into gaming devices, cameras, and radios.


In the next couple of years, these innovations could transform technology into more productive use.


Instead of distancing us, innovators can channel modern technology into ways where we could one day come together.

With contributions from: Gonzalo LondoƱo and Franco Luis

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