Good Food = Better Mood


“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away,”

“Eat healthy so you can grow big and strong,”


Everyone’s heard how healthy food helps keep your body in shape, but what about how good helps your mind? Well, eating good food could be considered something productive. Being productive can boost your self-esteem, making it one of the simplest ways that good food helps you feel better.


According to Harvard University, eating food full of vitamins and more natural ingredients (as opposed to very processed food) helps protect your brain from oxidatdd  stress. Put simply, healthier food options help keep your anxiety and stress down, along with keeping your overall outlook on what’s going on around you more positive. By the same token, unhealthy and processed foods prevent the brains function to get rid of oxidated stress, ultimately leaving you in a worse and more stressed mood.


You could think of it like a math problem, “healthy food + a productive lifestyle = good mood,” or “unhealthy mood + unproductive lifestyle =  bad mood.” Thus, making sure your diet is healthy and making sure you keep yourself productive can seriously improve your mind.

Healthy food is something very simple to incorporate into your everyday life. Packing your own lunch instead of eating out, buying organic food, and making sure that you avoid processed foods can all help you improve your day-to-day mood.


With contributions by: Steven Lee, Lukas Guerra, Brent Becera, Arthur Falconi, Javier Rodriguez.



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