Go Big or Go Home

The Iron Man competition is one of the toughest Triathlons anyone can attempt. It is a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike ride, and completed with a 13.1 mile run. The main challenge is doing all of these back to back to back with no breaks at all. The race is so competitive and grueling that only one percent of the US population has completed an ironman. The main reason for this is the training that is entailed and the risk for injury that this amount of work puts on your body.

“The amount of work is not for everyone, if you can’t handle it, it’s better that you don’t try it and avoid injury.” Stated Jose Alvarez, a 56 year old Triathlon runner.

The Ironman, as stated above by Jose, is not for everyone. For most, looking at the distances alone gives them enough of a reason to not compete in it. It is a true test of physical endurance.

For many an Ironman can be extremely more intense than an actual marathon, “I ran marathons for many years of my life, but triathlons were something completely different,” Jose’s coach Marcelo Holcberg stated. He felt that Ironman triathlons were one of the most difficult distances to train for.

Despite all the hard work that is put into training and competing in this event, thousands of people still put their bodies to the test and come out to take part in the event. This past Sunday at the Miami 70.3 Ironman 3,948 people registered for the event. Among those were many of the world’s best racers.

Among these top racers was Igor Amorelli from Brazil, who took home the men’s pro division title and Ellie Salthouse of Australia came out victorious for the women’s pro division.

With contributions by: Alexander Ramos, Joe Fernandez, Alejandro Basalo, Christopher Ahrendt, Antonio Castellanos, AJ Someillian.

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