Miami Dade Animal Services lends a paw

Destitution and humiliation, cruel acts these saddened animals will never face again as a group of good-natured volunteers helped them find their own havens.


“It is our duty and mission to find these pets a safe and habitable home,” said Lubia Rodriguez volunteer coordinator.


Last week, the Miami Dade County Animal Services Agency held their annual Mega Match-a-thon giving homeless animals the opportunity to be adopted by kind and loving families. This large scale adoptathon is just one of many held across the nation and is sponsored by animal rights groups such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Dedicated volunteers worked day and night to help these animals find their human match as they recognize more than anyone the struggles these animals deal with. “Helping these animals is important because we all just need someone to help us out,” said Leslie Vivanco an attendee at the event. Volunteers walked the dogs and took care of them during the adoption process.


The Mega Match-a-thon began in 2012 after Miami Dade County officials partnered with the animal rights groups to help adopt these animals. In past years, these adoptathon events have successfully placed pets in safe homes. For instance, results of the 2014 adopt-a-thon showed that by 5 PM, 200 pets had been adopted, according to Miami Dade County Animal Services.


In 2017, the Mega Match-a-thon event hosted different vendors, live bands, and a dancing team giving adopters more of a reason to participate in the event. Event coordinators were ecstatic with the event’s turnout and were glad that so many animals were able to find a new family. Lines to enter the tents with the pets stretched beyond expectations as thousands came to give hope to animals who need it most.


Next year, event officials hope to achieve the same level of success they’ve had every year since the first adopt-a-thon. The event will turn six years old next year as event officials hope to bring more awareness of the event.


“These animals have a special bond with me that I cherish,” said Rodriguez.


Although these animals have faced difficult hardships in the past, they can now look forward to living the rest of their lives with their new families.

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