Florida Virtual School empowers students in the 21st century



From the classroom to the laptop, the modern day education system is taking a turn for smartphones and laptops thanks to programs like Florida Virtual School. After starting in 1997 and thriving through the 21st century, the number of students enrolled in online high school courses in Florida is growing considerably every single year. Florida Virtual school helps students struggling to get their desired GPA’s, and students who would just like to get ahead, alike.


Florida Virtual School helps students take the courses they want to without using their high school credits on it during their daily academic routines. “Florida Virtual School gave me the opportunity to take the journalism course I wanted to take by getting my physical education course done online,” said experienced Florida Virtual School user Christopher Ahrendt, a senior at Christopher Columbus High school. “They [Florida Virtual School] make everything simple, they make everything easy to do, so anyone can do it” said Ahrendt.


With more and more classes being added to the curriculum offered at Christopher Columbus High School, along with the additional period change,  students sometimes don’t have the time to spend working on online courses on top of their own academic situations. It’s important to know that Florida Virtual School is not something to play around with. Florida Virtual School counts towards student’s academic transcripts, so it’s not a class one can just blow off if they don’t feel like doing it anymore.


Florida Virtual School also allows the students enrolled to enhance their personal attributes too, by helping students learn the importance of time management throughout the course. “I can do it whenever I want, not just in school. So I can do it whenever i find the time to do it like at home or after school,” said Diego Vizcarra, a new Florida Virtual School student and an underclassman student at Columbus. As a fresh face among the online student crowd, inexperienced students like Diego are gaining their traction and learning the very beneficial skill of practical time management through online courses like Florida Virtual School.


It’s programs and courses like Florida Virtual School that are continually empowering students to grow academically and personally to reach their goals and maintain their footing when life gets in the way of their education. At the same time, it’s also allowing students to grow in maturity and conquering deadlines and due dates, to grasp the time management skills needed to succeed in their future lives, and future careers. Florida Virtual School will continue to meet the demands of the modern growing student in the 21st century.


Contributions by: Kevin Reyes

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