Historic rivalry brings the local high school community together

For the past 12 years, the annual Columbus Belen football game has brought the community of
both schools together to tailgate. From students to alumni, everyone is here to watch the
exciting matchup.
The Belen vs Columbus tailgate is annual tradition held by many different people. Many people
gather in the parking lot while they cook food, drink sodas, and hang out with their friends. This
tailgate in specific is one of the biggest in Miami. As every year, hundreds set up tents and have
a good time.
“What makes me want to come back year after year is my friends,” said Mr. Raul Martinez,
Christopher Columbus High School class of 1992.
Every year many students, teachers, and alumni look to attend the Belen vs Columbus tailgate.
They look forward to meeting up with their old friends and meeting new people. The population
of the pre-game tailgate continues to grows every year as alumni are baited to come back year
after year.
Not only is the tailgate fun and exciting, it reunites several old classmates from Christopher
Columbus High School.
“This is a great opportunity to come together, we don’t see each other that often,” said Raul
Martinez. Since most alumni are distracted by their everyday jobs, they are not able to see each
other that often. The tailgate’s central idea is a safe, fun environment for alumni to reconnect
with each other. Alumni consider this one of the best places to connect.
After many successful tailgates, it has been commonly accepted as a tradition among the
Columbus family.
Thomas Mackle, Christopher Columbus High School class of 2020 said, “I would consider this a
tradition because for as long as this has been running, there have been tailgates.” Since the first
annual game, the community of both schools come together as one to spend time before this
Many people would consider this a tradition because it happens every year and people make an
effort to spend time together. “If you have a chance to attend the tailgate, you could attend the
game and its a great time,” Raul Martinez said, “but there’s nothing like showing up at 4:00 and
spend the time you have to see old classmates and friends.”
As the tailgate winds down, people head towards the stadium to watch the game, root for their
favorite team, and anticipate next year’s tailgate.

With contributions by Marcus Callegari

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