Columbus’ Club Fair Helps Students Figure out who they are

With over 1500 students in Columbus, there is always something to do after school. After school, one of the clubs that meets everyday is the drama club. The Columbus club fair helps students learn about the different opportunities here in Columbus. The only way this club fair is possible is because of the Student Activities Committee. One of the moderators of the Student Activities Committee stated quote, “S.A.C. is basically the umbrella of all the clubs,” end quote.

Another club here in Columbus that is very interesting is the Drama Club. the Drama Club meets everyday from 3-6 P.M. The drama club is full of a lot of energy. Everyday, they will always do something different that day. One day they will hold auditions. The next day they will do some improv techniques. You can always be apart of drama even though you’re in a sport. No matter who you are, they’re always greeting you with open arms.

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