The Sneaker Community Continues to Grow in Miami

In the world of self-expression, one of the most popular ways to communicate personality and style is through fashion. One community in particular loves to express themselves through footwear. Sneakerheads are sneaker enthusiasts that take pride in knowing everything there is to know and more about their area of expertise. These “a-foot-ionados” could easily tell the differences between faked and genuine pairs of Air Jordan hi-tops. However, knowledge is not the only thing that attracts sneakerheads to their hobby of choice.
For sneakerheads, their love of shoes is more than just a hobby. The community is like a family. Members of this family interact in many ways, including social media accounts, forums, and conventions. Sneaker Con is the most well known event for footwear lovers all over the world, with events held in Atlanta, Toronto, Las Vegas, Memphis, London, Berlin, and New York. At the conventions, people show off their best pairs of shoes, collectors find new additions to their collections, companies reveal new footwear products, and strangers make new like-minded friends.
While high-end brands of sports footwear are usually expensive, sneakerheads do not pay attention to the price tag. The love and appreciation for the craft is what is important to them.

With Contributions by: Daniel Diaz, Jose Luis Fernandez, and Sean Dawson

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