Teachers’ adapt on their first day


Everyone’s first day on the job can be very nerve-racking, especially when in a completely new environment. This isĀ especially true for teachers starting at a new school. While many schools work very similar in a general sense, they all have their own unique ways of operating. Different schedules, online systems, and even teaching ideologies can all vary between schools, and as a result it can often feel like new teachers are left to figure out a whole lot on their own. However this isn’t the case for teachers at Columbus. New teachers at Columbus start a few days before everyone else, and with the help of their mentors, gain a better understanding of how the school functions.

One of the more complex aspects of being a teacher at Columbus is integrating technology in the classroom. iPads play a central role in the curriculum, which is a very new concept for many teachers. By starting the school year early teachers are going to be much more able to start the school year comfortable with their understanding of how to use the iPads and other technologies in the classroom. “It’s gonna take some time, obviously, to get used to some of the cool features you guys [Columbus] have, but there is a great support system and everyone is teaching us so it is really really great,” said Jacky Raful, a first year counselor at Columbus.

While learning about the school’s technology system is very important for these new teachers, they also learn about something much more important to the Columbus family: the Marist. Nadia Khan-Robert’s, an incoming spanish teacher at Columbus described what she learned from her mentors. “I have learned a lot. I’ve learned about St. Marcellan Champagnat, the Marist tradition, the Columbus way of doing things,” she said.

By comingĀ to this workshop, teachers will show up on the first day of the school year with much more confidence in themselves, and their understanding of the school.

With contributions by Steven Lee, Javier Rodriguez, Alexander Someillan, David Perez, and Marcus Callegari.


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