Incoming Teachers Prepare for First Day of School

Excitement filled the hallways of Christopher Columbus High School as an assembly of new teachers arrived to grasp the school’s culture and tradition.
Columbus maintains its Marist traditions through prayer, morality, and the teaching of St. Marcellin Champagnat; the founder of the Marist order. Therefore, the school holds an event for new teachers to teach them the values of the school. The school hopes that they will follow Champagnat’s belief in educating students about Jesus Christ.

The new teachers are also mentored by their colleagues who offer them support and advice on how to carry on the school’s culture. This event officially welcomes them and prepares them for obstacles they might face during the school year.

“The school gives us a sense of the culture, helps us learn the new technology, and helps us get along with the other teachers; It’s basically a mentoring program,” said Javier Hermida, the new AP United States History instructor.

As technological innovations impact the format of classrooms, Columbus focuses more on instructing the new teachers about the school’s technology and 1:1 iPad program. The school attempts to help the teachers transition smoothly into the Columbus culture.

As the first day approaches, the new teachers are anxious to meet their students and learn more about the school’s culture. They are organizing lesson plans and expecting students to gain knowledge in the classroom.

The new teachers are expected to perform well this school year as the administration is confident in their abilities to instruct and guide students. The administration hopes that the event prepared these teachers to join some of their colleagues and become a part of the Columbus legacy. Although some of the new teachers are nervous for the school year, they are positive that they will be able to educate their students.

After this event, the new teachers learned about Champagnat and look forward to teaching about his life. They also hope to reach out to their students and form relationships with them. “I’m excited to show them who we are as Columbus, as a family,” said Maria Acevedo.

Although they are entering a new environment, the new teachers are now poised and prepared to educate their students.


With Contributions By: Alex Ramos

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