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This is the first instalment of Your World In 60. A news segment on what’s going on around the world being locally, nationally, or internationally. This is not just a regular news segment. On this show we bring you the top latest news stories around in an instant as it is being covered in 60 seconds.

In this first episode of Your World In 60 we discussed the terror attack in Manchester, Britain at a Ariana Grande concert and the launch of the Click it or Ticket campaign. These two stories were the most talked about the whole day on Monday May 22, 2017. The stories carried a lot of information but was able to be told in a matter of 60 seconds but some more information was added to this print story to give out more information.

Twenty Two Ariana Grande concert attendees were killed monday night and about fifty others were injured. This tragic act of terror started at the manchester arena at around 10:30 pm towards the end of the concert where two bombs exploded during the concert. Manchester officials do know that this was indeed an act of terror performed by the terrorist group Isis. The terror group came out to social media and did declare that the terror act was on them.

As of now police are still investigating this scene and bringing people in for interviews to see what eye witnesses have to say about what they saw. The UK’s military force has been on high alert this week and on Wednesday they had their highest terror threat set to a critical state. As commanded by the officials military forces are being put into high danger zones to protect the areas.

Every year thousands of people die because of car crashes, and one of the biggest reasons why the numbers are so high is because a lot of people don’t wear their seatbelt when driving a motorized vehicle. This is where the Click it or Ticket campaign comes in. Their initiative is to stop every person that is not wearing a seatbelt inside a motorized vehicle and ticketing them with a nice fine. Officials say that this is a concept that makes people wear their seatbelt because they don’t want to receive a hefty fine.

As of last year more than 40,000 people have died inside a motorized vehicle because they were simply not wearing their seatbelts, according to New York Times. “We are in a time of point where not wearing your seatbelt is becoming a trend among people and it is killing people day and night. That’s why we decided to make this campaign to make people feel obligated to wear their seatbelt.” said a New York City Chief Police.

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