Ties for Autism take over Columbus

Autism Awareness Ties

A new tie has been introduced to the Columbus student body, the colorful puzzle piece tie that is dedicated to autism awareness.  Now, Columbus just got a bit brighter!

At Columbus, students are required to wear a school regulated tie everyday as part of their uniform.  The ties are either blue with red and white accents, or red with blue and white accents.  Ties like the breast cancer awareness and the Patriot Club (a school club) have been added to the uniform policy.  This past month, a new tie has made its way to Columbus, the autism awareness ties.

These puzzle themed ties give Columbus a more colorful look walking throughout the hallways. These ties have been selling around the hallways since day one and have been a sold out, to the point where students had to wait for another shipment of ties to come in.  Each puzzle piece has a different color and all of them fit right into each other.

“…represent each one of us and how we are all different,” said Diego Ramos, a Junior who is head of this fundraiser, “but all with our special abilities, which also represent those with autism.”  

Diego spoke to us about these ties and told us about why he decided to start this fundraiser.  His service project, called Gear-Up For Autism, is to raise enough funds for sports equipment for children with autism for a summer picnic later scheduled.  

The teacher helping Diego is Mr. Kumer, who has enjoyed the ride so far of this fundraising. But he has seen this more as a learning experience for students around campus.

“I think what it does on this campus is two fold:,” said Mr. Kumer, “[one,] it starts a conversation.  I think it helps individuals start to maybe pause before they say something inappropriate or insensitive.”

“[Two] it goes back to providing an opportunity for to the individual on campus, like Diego, to see something they once thought of doing, actually happen materialized and take that next step in that idea,” said Kumer later in the interview.  

Diego has a younger brother who has autism.  When asked about the ties, his younger says it means a lot to him, it “represents acceptance to everyone who has autism,” said Diego.
The autism awareness ties are being sold in Mr. Kumer’s classroom in K-14 for $20.

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